September 15, 2008

Quick Note

"Mercy," by Duffy, as featured in the first scene of the beginning of Season 5 of Entourage (which my brother LOVES, and I'm sure you'll figure out why if/when you watch it haha)

Way to be.

Just realized that I haven't written any of my own work in the last [too many] posts (so many that I have to click "Older Posts" to find something that's worth reading for some mind meat (that's the only kind of meat I like)).

A little caught up in school and other business right now to update substantially, but I promise, something will come soon. After Homecoming weekend (Sept. 26-27), my time slots should open up a LITTLE more, so hopefully I'll have a few good ones to check out right after then (if I procrastinate enough, maybe I'll write one before then).

I've had a bunch that I've wanted to write about though, specifically about lying and negativity, but those will have to be put on hold until time opens up. For now, however, I need to write another 7 pages of my science research paper and cite it all by tonight! CAN'T WAIT!

Keep rockin',

P.S. Random pics that might compensate for my shortage of meaningful postage:

New additions to my room-decoration family lol. I love these things

Macro-mode. New camera-knowledge for me - thanks to Brian and Natalie and their neverending facebook albums from Costa Rica

My little black book (and the best pen in the world. Yeah it's weird, but I can't write with anything but the Zebra) -- also known as my life in a book. Even more detailed than my pointless twitters.

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