May 6, 2010

A Late Night Reflection

I stay awake for stupid reasons. It's 5AM. I've been "working" all day and night, but really, I should've been efficient and been in bed by midnight. Such is life (particularly in college right before your last final when you're just waiting to sleep in your own bed).

Late nights are glorious in their own right though. I know a number of people who are staunchly against staying up unnecessarily, but there's a special quality to walking back to your dorm at 6:00am as the sun is rising. The world is quiet for a short bit, and you really get a chance to just observe things as they are without distraction from other people, from incessant texts, BBMs, emails, whatever. You're just...present. You focus on what's around you, and the air smells so much fresher. You actually hear birds chirping, and you wonder WHY they only chirp when you're trying to work late nights. It's not that they only chirp then. It's that during the day, we're too rushed and busy to realize their songs.

It's a beautiful thing, really. Although my melatonin levels are completely out of whack, my eyes are dried from wearing contacts for too long, and my back slouches more every 10 seconds despite consistent effort to sit up straight, I love being up right about now. I'm going to love going back to my dorm to take a shower and bang out this final right after despite my lack of sleep. I'm glad I'm ending my freshman year this way.

What else could I ask for than to appreciate the beauty around me? I think it's fair to say that's a pretty baller way to exit.