December 20, 2007


Now, I have been planning a massive blog post for some time now, and that will either be coming tonight or tomorrow, but in the mean time, I feel it's necessary to share this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson with you all. My brother introduced me to it, I think, six years ago. It has been only recently when it really hit me how much we should all try living by it. Thinking of this quote will, on most days, really determine a lot of my actions, and it's really refreshing to know that you've done some of the things that are mentioned in the lines.

Obviously, it's not the only measure of success, but I think it really hits the important things, the deeper, not-so-superficial aspects of success. What I do know is that it would be ignorant not to strongly consider Emerson's words, so please, enlighten yourselves.

December 16, 2007

Tap Dancing =)

Start watching at 0:30. This is pretty sick -- wish I could do something like it. Yeah, I'm weird, but tap dancing is SO cool.

December 10, 2007

Feed me young children!

I know I haven't posted in some time, but I still have plenty to say. I'll be posting after Thursday, most likely to keep y'all updated.

In the mean time, I've been sick for the last week, and I didn't go to school today, and my sister sent me this conversation between her and my brother. I thought it was kind of cute:

(1:50:16 PM) Poorvi: btw ankit is really sick
(1:50:20 PM) Tinu: again?
(1:50:24 PM) Poorvi: after the weekend he stayed in the city
(1:50:24 PM) Tinu: is this a weekly occasion?
(1:50:26 PM) Poorvi: yes
(1:50:29 PM) Poorvi: he didnt go to school today
(1:50:35 PM) Poorvi: he hasnt gotten better since last week
(1:50:45 PM) Tinu: i thought he went away this w/e?
(1:50:50 PM) Poorvi: hes coughing like a monster
(1:51:01 PM) Tinu: feed him some young children
(1:51:02 PM) Poorvi: he did
(1:51:09 PM) Poorvi: lol
(1:51:10 PM) Poorvi: WHAT
(1:51:17 PM) Tinu: monsters eat young children
(1:51:23 PM) Poorvi: ok
(1:51:24 PM) Poorvi: go
(1:51:24 PM) Poorvi: bye
(1:51:27 PM) Tinu: you didnt know?
(1:51:32 PM) Poorvi: yes i did
(1:51:38 PM) Tinu: you know how many times i saved you from monsters when you were younger
(1:51:41 PM) Tinu: you forget now
(1:51:47 PM) Tinu: bc you were too young
(1:51:52 PM) Tinu: ah the good old days

Maybe that made you smile. Maybe that made you think my family is retarded. Whatever. I just wanted to share. I'll be back soon.

Much love.