December 10, 2007

Feed me young children!

I know I haven't posted in some time, but I still have plenty to say. I'll be posting after Thursday, most likely to keep y'all updated.

In the mean time, I've been sick for the last week, and I didn't go to school today, and my sister sent me this conversation between her and my brother. I thought it was kind of cute:

(1:50:16 PM) Poorvi: btw ankit is really sick
(1:50:20 PM) Tinu: again?
(1:50:24 PM) Poorvi: after the weekend he stayed in the city
(1:50:24 PM) Tinu: is this a weekly occasion?
(1:50:26 PM) Poorvi: yes
(1:50:29 PM) Poorvi: he didnt go to school today
(1:50:35 PM) Poorvi: he hasnt gotten better since last week
(1:50:45 PM) Tinu: i thought he went away this w/e?
(1:50:50 PM) Poorvi: hes coughing like a monster
(1:51:01 PM) Tinu: feed him some young children
(1:51:02 PM) Poorvi: he did
(1:51:09 PM) Poorvi: lol
(1:51:10 PM) Poorvi: WHAT
(1:51:17 PM) Tinu: monsters eat young children
(1:51:23 PM) Poorvi: ok
(1:51:24 PM) Poorvi: go
(1:51:24 PM) Poorvi: bye
(1:51:27 PM) Tinu: you didnt know?
(1:51:32 PM) Poorvi: yes i did
(1:51:38 PM) Tinu: you know how many times i saved you from monsters when you were younger
(1:51:41 PM) Tinu: you forget now
(1:51:47 PM) Tinu: bc you were too young
(1:51:52 PM) Tinu: ah the good old days

Maybe that made you smile. Maybe that made you think my family is retarded. Whatever. I just wanted to share. I'll be back soon.

Much love.


oknataLi said...

aww that's so cute lol

Jeebs said...

you better come to school tomorrow; we just started sexual reproduction in know you don't want to miss that.

devon! said...

haha that was a very cute but corny joke.

Anonymous said...

feel better private

Ankit said...

feel better private?

Jeebs said...

"private" refers to the lowest rank in the army.