June 3, 2008

Raw in the Mainstream

I just wanted to share that Jason Mraz has been a raw vegan since April 1 (just a day after I started). Simply put, we're twins. See his blog at http://freshnessfactorfivethousand.blogspot.com/ (catchy title, no?)

Aside from that, his new album, We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things, is a hugeee hit. I haven't been able to get my ears off it for the last week. My favorite tracks are "Make It Mine," "Dynamo of Volition," "Coyotes," and "Lucky (featuring Colbie Caillat - who's voice is beyond belief)." Definitely check them out on youtube or iTunes (yes, I actually paid for his music. Shocking, no?).

Make It Mine - Jason Mraz

Okay. I don't have much else to share, but just thought I'd throw Mraz's rawness out there. Hopefully his new health conscious living will inspire more of his fans to follow his practices (as much as I hate it that it takes a celebrity to make something popular). He even quit smoking :).

Stay real,

P.S. I drink the same green "sludge" Mraz does every day. So good.


Sajeeb said...

dynamo of volition = fucking amazing

Anonymous said...

I hate how you claim a territory on all of your beliefs. Stop thinking that people make changes because they got inspiration from you. It's not all you're doing, maybe you gave them the idea...but the actual work and effort they put into it comes from their own progress. It's less rewarding for people if they think that their changes are holistically your doing. A person must feel satisfaction from making changes on their own. That's why you're satisfied. I don't think you realize that they need the same process. You can't coach them through it to make yourself feel good about it.

Anonymous said...


Notice how self-centered your blog is. Every entry that you post revolves around how well you live your life and how everyone should follow suit. Write about some real things for once with substance that actually goes on in the lives of a normal teenager. (Unless your only purpose is to impress college admission officers). Then just stop writing.

You're not like this at all in school (and yes by the way i do know you from school).

Have a great summer!
Much love,

Ankit said...

my intention is to give them the idea, to inspire them to make the changes they do. i don't take credit for their work if that's what you're saying. i offer help through their processes because some of the things are hard to adapt to (i.e. raw living), but if they don't need the help, then great for them. if they do, i'm always here, but i won't take credit for their changes.

Ankit said...

that first response was in regards to your first comment. for the second:

i don't feel that people would care much for my daily doings, so i talk about things on a more overall scale and what i learn from them. i can't possibly imagine a college admissions officer reading my blog, and i don't know how they would get the link (nor do i intend on giving it to them). this blog is for me and for people who might care to learn about new ideas.

and if you had a one-on-one conversation with me, we could talk about all the things in this blog. i'm not going to spend my time in school announcing all these things to large groups of people.

stay real,

Anonymous said...

This is an example taken from Sajeeb Saha's blog.

"you're a good man sajeeb. in my eyes, finding oneself is most certainly the first step to eventual success. i'm happy that you've begun to discover your true talents and that you've finally started to pave your own path through the forest of life. kudos to you, for a feat such as yours is not an easy one to achieve.

have an amazing year, and if at any point, your life begins to take a dip and things don't look so good, remember your last post of 2007. you have more going for you than you know.

January 1, 2008 11:00 AM"

Notice your diction in this post. You sound like you've already been through the process of making these changes and you're like his mentor or something. It's so degrading. "Oh Sajeeb, I'm ten steps ahead of you.. and you're only on the first step to the success of my path because you definitely want to follow that."

Too much change is not good. You should know that. But the amount of changes that you appear to be making (according to your blog) within one year almost makes it seem like you just want attention. When people do things that they are truly doing for themselves, they get so caught up in it that they usually don't reflect on it. They just enjoy the moment. You seem to however have thought long and hard about what changes you want to make, specifically those that cause more people to give you attention.

The changes that you make are so fragmented that they seem unreal. One day, you are a devout vegan, the next day, you're the world's greatest AIDS advocate.

I am not at all putting down the causes you support. They're definitely things that our generation should look towards being that we are global citizens. However, the way that you go about displaying it on your blog is unbearably annoying.

Sajeeb said...

Hi, this is for anonymous.

I for one did not see that comment as degrading nor do I see Ankit as a mentor. If anything, he is only a part of the inspiration I've encountered this year (the rest coming from my other friends, my US teacher, and my own reflection about life). And my path is completely different from his path. It doesn't matter to me if he's 10 steps or 1000 steps ahead of me. We should all be following our own paths to achieve our goals without making our dreams into a competition. I respect his own path and I'm sure that he respects mine equally without degrading it.

Perhaps too much change is not good, but there will be times where it seems like theres more going on. For example, I myself have become more acquainted with the art of guitar and have been documentaing my progress on YouTube. Coincidentally, people have come to know of my endeavor. I'm not looking for attention, I'm just sharing my experience with others. Similarly, Ankit is just sharing his own experiences.

I also don't see how his changes are unfragmented and unreal. He doesn't spit out random causes day to day. Rather, he commits to each one whole-heartedly without giving up. I don't know who you are to say that this blog is annoying. Maybe you should go do something else rather then "wasting" your time here.


Ankit said...

in no way whatsoever did i intend on making it seem that i was "ten steps ahead" of anybody. the comment was intended on being affirming, not degrading. i enjoy the moment, but at the same time, i reflect plenty to give myself direction.

also, is it wrong to support several causes? i'm sorry if you're misinformed, but i've been fighting for AIDS awareness for the last three years, even if i hadn't blogged about it. my blog isn't me in my entirety, so you kinda need to know me before you judge.

and the point isn't to draw attention, it's to draw attention from people who are open minded and might consider fighting for something they believe in. i don't care what they fight for, but i think everyone's intention should be to give back to the world and help fix its problems.

i'm not a vegan one day and an aids advocate another. i am what i am, every single day. i've spent this last year learning about myself and the world. i don't like to dwell on thinking about things. rather, i like to act as quickly as possible because we only have such a limited time on earth, so i'm trying to make a difference. i've been inspired in many different ways in the last year, and those inspirations are reflected in my actions. i could care less for the attention. the only attention i want is from people who are willing to listen and act for themselves. i'm just here to help provide a spark.

and i'm sorry if that doesn't work for you, but it has for others. this is for them.

Amit said...

You guys seem to be very keen on putting words in Ankit's mouth. You seem interpret his posts the way you want to: with the worst possible connotations. It seems that the first thing you do when you read something of his is think "what's wrong about this?" instead of "how can these ideas be helpful to me?"

Anyone who knows Ankit would realize the good intent behind his words, and we also see that he's not taking credit for the direction that people take their lives in, but rather expressing his happiness over the fact that the ideals he believes in are spreading, and not even his most cynical critics can say that he doesn't play a part in communicating those ideals.

Also, take another look at the comment on Sajeeb's wall. When I read it, I see Ankit agreeing with Sajeeb. In no place does he mention his own actions. That passage could just as easily have been written by any one of us, yet somehow you seem to see condescension in his words.

I don't mean to attack any of you personally, I only ask that when you to read Ankit's words, try to see the good intent behind them. I don't ask you to agree with them, and I don't ask you to stop criticizing them, but I do ask you to keep an open mind when you read them.

I also ask that if you have strong convictions about Ankit's actions and beliefs, have the courage to back your ideas with a name instead of an anonymous post. Instead of taking a hurtful snipe, create an opportunity to allow for criticism to develop into meaningful conversation and eventually improvement on both sides. I look at this situation and see Ankit on one side with the courage not only to put all his ideas up for public discretion, but also to leave up comments that make direct attacks on him. On the other side I see anonymous posts that leave limited opportunity for responses.

If you have anything to say about this, you know how to find me.

Anonymous said...

How DO we find you Amit? Please leave some sexy comment back. You sound like a sexy beast. Grr.

Ankit. You are not sexy on the other hand. Nor are the 8-pack bones either, hun.

I just had to add those comments. This is another anonymous. This blog is really spicing up; keep it up first anonymous. I totally agree with you.


oknataLi said...

i really think anonymous people should not write anything negative on this blog anymore. instead, just talk to Ankit, or whoever, privately about it. maybe that will clear up any misconceptions and stuff. that's far more respectful than leaving anonymous, and unilateral comments on his blog. and i really don't like getting involved in any negativity, but its absolutely horrible for somebody to get publicly attacked like this!!

So PLEASE freaking stop.

just keep doing whatever you believe in guys.