June 18, 2008

I thought Mulberry was just the name of a street.

No, this isn't the more insightful, thoughtful post I said I was going to write, but I have something far more interesting that excited me more than anything since I've started this raw business. While I was walking to Vivek's house with Vivek, Naomi, and Grace, we passed a tree with lots of berries all over it, and I was thinking of maybe eating a few being weird and whatever, but then I thought they might be poisonous, but then Naomi ate one so I had one and they were really good. Then I spent the next 15-20 minutes eating these purple berries (there were red and white ones too, but they were less ripe. They'd turn purple and sweet eventually, so I let them be).

SHOCKINGLY ENOUGH, I go to the blog of Anthony Anderson (the Raw Model) just about 10 minutes ago and find that he JUST blogged about finding mulberries along the west side highway. Basically, now I know that I just found a whole stock of mulberries that'll only be good for the next two weeks or so, so I'm going to go back at least every other day and harvest them because berries can cost anywhere from $5 - $10 per pound, and here I am getting all these kickass berries for free, straight from the source.

Simply put, I was on a natural high upon eating these berries, and if you speak to Vivek, Grace, or Naomi (or the few people that passed by as they were walking home -- Timmy Joyce, Chung Hei Sing, and a few others), they'll testify to my absolutely creepy excitement at the time. Tomorrow, after my English Regents, I'm going to go back and take pictures while I'm collecting just to add them here.

If you think I'm crazy, you really have got to try picking wild fruit (that you know is safe, of course). You get to appreciate nature so much more when you directly receive from it, rather than buying its gifts from the supermarket.

Love your mother,


oknataLi said...

haha ireally like this post ankit :)
coool mulberries