October 2, 2007

Why am I blogging?

I thought about it recently, and I noticed that whenever I tell myself that I'm going to do something, I never do it. When I tell other people, I force myself into doing whatever it may be just for the sake of proving myself. It's bad that I do things to prove myself to other people, but it keeps me going.

I don't really know why else I made this blog other than to procrastinate studying for my biology test, but I figure whenever I'm bored, I'll write whatever I'm thinking.

I've been thinking a lot about will power recently, and I want to see how far I can go in restricting myself to a healthy diet, so my first vow (for lack of better word) is that I'm going to go raw foodist from October 14 until November 1. If you care to know what that means, check out welikeitraw.com.

UPDATE July 28, 2008: I never followed through with my vow. I did it for 18 hours on October 14 and failed because I didn't read enough into what the lifestyle actually entailed. Thinking back, the hurdle that tripped me up most was that I considered the diet a restriction. It's not about willpower. It's about how much you can stand feeling good all the fucking time. I love it.


Natalie said...

hii ankitt
i support you w/ your vow!
you're cool.
you're hair looks good.

Natalie said...

your* hair

Sajeeb said...

lmao your hair makes me laugh.

--bcg said...

bonne chance

Mike Jones said...

whats gewd ankut