October 3, 2007

"Find out what it means to me"

I talked to the middle school xcountry coach for a short bit, and since I was out of the middle school, she had no problem telling me what she really thought of her runners. Teachers never really talk to me in a completely blunt manner regarding students, so this was the first time I heard one saying that a bunch of her runners "sucked," or that she could beat them in a race on crutches. Whenever one of her runners would start slacking, or even worse, walking, she'd get really pissed off, and I'd feel terrible, and I suddenly realized that classes are a teachers' life. Being stuck with a crappy class is really the worst way to spend your year.

So I reflected a little bit, and I figured that I might try to be a better student because, to be completely honest, I'm such an asshole in class. Not that I intentionally make things difficult for the teacher, but I talk a lot when I finish my work early. I talk a lot even when I don't finish my work. I bother them with unnecessary requests and questions. I don't make the slightest effort to make their lives any easier, so I think I'm going to do that. Teachers deserve a lot more respect than they get, and I think a student really just needs to hear the teacher's point of view, straight out and uncensored, to understand the extent to which they really need respect from their students.

I'm sure few of you cared much about that spiel, but I was just thinking about it, so I wrote it down.


oknataLi said...

that's true..
i don't tihnk you're annoying to teachers though. like, teachers know that kids that ask questions, are the ones that care. but yeahh i think its great that like you want to respect your teachers more.

--bcg said...

good point.

lol don't sleep in english.

Jeebs said...

lmao becker loves you.