May 8, 2009

What is this blog even about?

A common misconception I often see about this blog and others like it (I guess you'd call them personal development blogs, but I stray a little bit every so often) is that the readers assume that the writer is this guy who does everything he preaches. I couldn't imagine a thought more untrue than that when it comes to my writing. I am so far from the ideals I write about here, but I write this blog because all I can truly say about myself is that I've raised my awareness to these different things, whether it be the excessive nature of complaining, the need for some positivity, the lack of individualized action, why we need to live, or anything else.

This blog is filled with things that everyone already knows. You don't need to read this blog to gain insight on any of the things I write about, but I do offer a perspective you may or may not have considered previous to reading this, and that's why it's here -- for your use, to provoke your thoughts.

This might be totally weird, but I even read my own material, watch my own vlogs (which is kinda creepy watching myself talking to myself), and learn from my thoughts even if I wrote/recorded the post a week ago. The way I see if, if someone can resonate with something I'm posting and they might think it's something that they could incorporate in themselves for the better, then humanity might have improved a little bit. Even if I'm not the one improving by incorporating my own words, someone else is, and that's really all that matters right (after you look past the whole personal gain thang).

Someone once called me out on acting totally out of character with my blog, and they saw that as a reason to act blatantly against everything I stand for through the blog. It fell on them like a rock when I told them that the blog isn't about me and my actions. It's about how you might be able to improve yourself with a new perspective.

Love you tons,

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