October 29, 2008

Apparently this picture day is the new "in" thing

So I've been frequenting a lot of blogs recently, and a common theme I've found is that many bloggers have a day of the week they choose to take a picture of themselves and they post it that same day every week. SO, I'm going to start that same trend for two reasons:

  1. It'll force me to more frequently update my blog. When I post more pictures, I'm forced to think about more significant things to write about.
  2. It's cool to kind of observe my growth and see trends in my shaving patterns or when I wear glasses and when I don't or when I have bags under my eyes and when I don't. It'd simply be cool to look back and be like, "Oh yeah, I remember that week because of those bags," or "Oh yeah, that stupid pimple that got all pus-filled and wouldn't freaking rid itself from its comfortable home on my forehead was so frustrating."
  3. I got the new MacBook, which is gorgeous and fast and sleek and light and everything beautiful ever. BASICALLY, I have a webcam and photobooth to take pictures and quickly upload them.
Simply put, this is my happiness or my weirdness of the week:
Now tell me Photo Booth isn't cool. This reminds me of the Brady Bunch (and of how much of a loser I am).

I think I'll call this Gratuitous Self-Image Wednesdays.

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