January 26, 2008

Why Happy?

I couldn't really put it into better words, or maybe I could, but this is certainly an easier way to convey the message than writing it all out. And watching a video is definitely more appealing than reading my 8-page blog posts. I've seen one or two other videos by this guy, and yes, he's a little flamboyant and whatever, but listen to his message more than his voice inflections. He's got a great point, and I think it's a great living style. I tell people things of this nature all the time, and they say they listen, but then they come to me complaining about their next problem. I have no problem with trying to help, but I think people should really filter their problems and try to solve them themselves. Usually, avoiding a problem is the best way to not suffer its consequences. Most people would say, "Oh, you're just being naïve and ignorant. Everyone has to deal with problems in his/her life." But, you know what? More than 95% of problems are a load of bull. They don't need to be dealt with and cause completely unnecessary stress, which way too many of us deal with nowadays. So try to take what Mr. Buckley says here seriously.

Much love.


Jeebs said...

lmao its good to know that another straight guy watches Michael Buckley on youtube.

Ankit said...

haha this is the second video i've ever seen of his. the first was the one you sent me sajeeb hahah

there's really nothing wrong with watching his stuff though. just another perspective on things lol

joekang said...

haha this was enlightening :]