January 25, 2008

7-5 6-3 7-6 (7-5)

Today, Novak Djokovic defeated Roger Federer in the Australian Open Semifinal match. Now, I love Roger Federer, but I love Djokovic even more. I just thought I'd share that with the world. Today has been one of the more exciting ones in my life. I'm really just writing this blog so that I can look back at it ten years from now when Djokovic has won 10+ Grand Slams (and yes, I know Federer isn't dead, but Djokovic will continue getting closer and closer to the number one spot) and just reminisce. I saw Federer and Djokovic practice the day before the US Open 2007 began (where Djovokic and Fed faced each other in the final, but Djokovic lost) after Djokovic beat Fed a few weeks earlier, and Djokovic was just rising in the ranks. There, I got his autograph. I almost got Fed's, but he gave me the cold shoulder. Now I'll post some pics just to share them:

Yes, that is me with Roger Federer. No, he did not sign the ball I waved in his face.

That's Djokovic right after he blessed my ball with his signature.

I'll post again when Djokovic is the Australian Open champion.