April 30, 2010

Protected Interests

Context: I know I haven't written in this thing in almost a year, but it's okay. Apparently, my tumblr isn't sufficient fun/inspiration/happiness/whatever for people, so after...a lot of requests, I've decided to sporadically update here.

I've been trying to figure out the same practice problem for my Managerial Economics final for the last 30-90 minutes (I've lost track), but perhaps if I write, I can go back to that with a clearer mind.


Often times, I notice people get defensive about their interests - myself included. We'll talk about things we're passionate about like our passion is different and special in some way, that no one else can share that with us. I see this all the time when people talk about their music interests ("oh yeah, you're probably not into the stuff I'm into. It's different") or their majors ("Oh, you're doing urban studies? So am I, but what do you want to do with the degree? [I'm just trying to find a way to distinguish myself from you]") and a number of other things. It's kind of ridiculous though.

Why should we have an ego associated with interests? If you're into the same things I am, cool! Let's make some magic and do something awesome with our common interest. What we can create with that common interest could be something totally different and special. We're all much more similar than you think. If you're doing an Urban Studies major and I am too, cool! Let's find a way we can apply that knowledge together and create a better world together. If you are into the same alternative artists as me, great! Let's find a way to create an awesome collection of music and share that with one another to expand our musical tastes.

There's no need to protect your passions and interests. Share them with people and see if magic can be made.

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