April 15, 2009

Stoic Appreciation

Most times, I'm all about experiencing life in abundance -- not in the sense of overindulging, but always believing that the joys of life are infinite. Sometimes, though, I forget these joys. Not that I'm not enjoying them, but I forget to embrace them. I won't smile when the weather's really nice. I won't realize how great it is to be surrounded by so many people and be involved with so many beautiful communities online and in person. Basically, I'll take life for granted.

Shifting back to my continually smiley, overjoyous self isn't as simple as a flick of a switch, though. It might be for some of you, but for others, it might take a more Stoic approach. I often find that to appreciate the little things that go right over our head on a daily basis -- that is, after realizing that I'm totally living sans thanking -- I have to experience the opposite of what I'm used to. I have to take a freezing shower. I have to stop wearing socks around the house. I have to surround myself with less pleasant people (I hate acknowledging it, but I would just interact with some people that don't really help me grow, to say the least).

It's not so much regimental, but whenever I am more conscious of little things I don't appreciate so much, I'll train myself to do so. Today, it was really cold in my house. I was about to get in bed with a sweatshirt and blanket and do my work there. Instead, I walked around my room shirtless, sockless, and with shorts. Some call it stupid and sickness-inducing, I call it appreciation (and I don't really get sick much so whatever).

Now I'm going to take a hot shower and love up every moment of it.

Stay happy, stay real, stay you,

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