November 3, 2008

Letters of Gratitude

You know what's a really cool idea?

Writing informal letters to friends about how much you like them, why you're thankful for them, and why your life wouldn't be the same without them and mailing the letters to their homes. Even if you see them every day in school and could hand it to them. Getting things in the mail is really exciting (especially when you're not the homeowner at home and everything that ever has your name on it in the mailbox is either from "Herricks High School" or "______ University.") I think I'm going to send letters of gratitude to people. It really takes maybe 15-20 minutes to write letters and another 30 seconds to envelope and stamp them. I'm excited to see what I write and who I write to. I'm so lost right now.

It's 3:28a and I don't know WHAT I'm doing. Except maybe this:

My green smoothie matches my walls. I painted these walls before I knew half my diet could be vomited on the wall and it wouldn't even make a difference because it'd all blend in. I love it.

I need to touch up my ceiling paint. There's still bits and pieces of green paint that somehow found their way onto the ceiling despite the tape we put on the corners to prevent that. Whatever. You should paint your own room in the middle of the night. It's a really fun experience (especially when no one's home and you can blast music from midnight to 6:00am.)

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