August 5, 2008

I'm not right, but I don't think I'm wrong.

Something I’ve gotten a bit throughout the last few months is my seeming to thing that I’m always correct or that I preach what I think to be the ideal to aspire to. Let me be honest – the arrogant, adamant part of me wants to say that I’m always right, but the logical, more thoughtful part of me knows that there’s no right when it comes to ideas. My thoughts and ideas originate from my own thinking in addition to bits and pieces that I extract from the people I meet and things that I read.

I might not be right, or I might, but what is certain is that what I write about is what has worked for me or what I’m currently trying and am in the process of critiquing. I typically only write about the good things/things that work here. Because of that, it seems like I never try things that suck or experience shit situations, but I do. I typically don’t talk about them though. I did at one point, but I looked back at it and realized how unpleasant it was and it just wasn’t too good to look back at and read. I remember my negative situations for the sole purpose of learning from them, and I will talk about the lessons I learn here and in person, but unless completely relevant, I don’t mention the crap situations that led to the lessons, not that they are secret, but I find them unnecessary to discuss (note that not all lessons I learn come from crap situations).

About my opinions though – I don’t intend on telling you that what you’re doing is wrong and that what I’m doing is right, but only that what I’m doing has increased my internal and external peace. In that way, I’m almost a road sign pointing to a route that I’ve taken and enjoyed. Feel free to follow. Some choose not to, and that’s fine, but there’s no need to vandalized with your criticisms (that is, unless they are constructive.) If you dislike me for any particular reason, let me know, but I don’t think the blog is a particularly effective outlet for expressing your negativity because it doesn’t really lead anywhere. If you do think so, however, do what you please. In the spirit of being as transparent as possible, I choose not to delete any comments or posts.

Aside from that – my brother’s birthday was this past weekend. It was a blast, but I didn’t get into the club, which was a bummer. I’ve never had a problem getting in anywhere with my brother, but the one time I actually felt a need to be there, I didn’t. Although it was a failure, the night was still enjoyable. Went to another party then got calls to take care of a few people, so I spent the rest of the night w/ Abhishek making sure people got home safely. The end of the night was a bit of a fiasco, but in its entirety, the night was definitely enjoyable nonetheless. We spent practically the rest of the weekend in the city, coming home after brunch and spending time at home w/ mom for a short bit, then went to a family get together (I don’t think there’s a single weekend this summer I haven’t spent at least a day with extended family), only to go back to the city that night and hang with the siblings, Jinesh, Akhil and Ricky. On Sunday, I made ice cream and hung out with Vivek and his family at Anita’s house (she has a pear tree and a peach tree and failed to ever mention it. I was flipping out in joy).

I’m writing this on the way to the Glow in the Dark concert w/ Kanye, Lupe and N.E.R.D.. I’m probably going to post again later tonight when I get a chance to to update on the concert and all of its amazingness. I cannot freaking wait. This is going to be great. For now, however, I’m going to get to reading A New Earth and trying to not think about the concert until I get to the city. That’s gonna be damn hard.

Much love,