July 31, 2008

Def Def Jam.

George Watsky is one of the more conscious Def Jam poets, who has been all over the place spreading his rhymes. He is tough to match. Check out other work of his on YouTube by searching "George Watsky." Saw him @ JAINA 2007, but neglected to keep a tab on him until February at the Bowery Poetry Club, and stupid enough, didn't follow his work until I saw the man, Nirav, interview him. Above, he's at the opening ceremonies of Greenbuild Chicago 2007 in front of 7000+, after which Bill Clinton gave the commencement address.

Watsky, Arpit, Dahlak Braithwaite, another kickass Def Jammer (sample below - amazing), and myself

On "niggas."

Stay conscious,


Sajeeb said...

I really like George Watsky's wordplay. Pretty innovative.

Nirav Sheth said...

Holla at your boy! Thanks for the shoutout ...

- Nirav

Ankit said...

you know it brotha. keep up what you're doing with the website. it's great!

btw - let me know next time you're in new york. we should def meet up

Nirav Sheth said...

Here's a recent post on Dahlak we did too. Not sure if you saw this: http://www.obnoxiouslisteners.com/album/dual-consciousness-dahlak-brathwaite/

Anonymous said...

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