April 6, 2008

Raw Goodness - Day 8

Just a short update that will be expanded upon later: I've been 100% raw since Sunday, March 30. The constant flow of information that I'm taking in about this lifestyle is astounding and freaking awesome. Contrary to popular belief, I feel better than ever, and yes, I have more than enough energy to keep me going. Since Sunday, I've made two relatively intricate items (basically, anything more fancy than a salad or a smoothie): zucchini-based hummus and this burrito-esque filling that really could be eaten plain, in a collard green wrap (as I did) or in a bell pepper. The ability to do practically anything with raw foods makes it all the more fun, and really, if it weren't for school, I'd be in the kitchen all day.

My hard work and toil to rip that coconut open. Spent way too much time with that one.

You'd be surprised how good a little lettuce, tomato, a hummus could taste.
The burrito filling. It tastes a LOT better than it looks.