November 6, 2007

Constant Awareness (or Unagi, as Ross would say)

Music: Modest Mouse
Current Agenda: finish Pride and Prejudice response; study biology; study spanish; write research plan for LISEF

I know I said I'd comment on the previous post, and I will get to that. However, I just wanted to post to thank my friends for being there. This is so cheesy, but I don't appreciate people for who they are and for what they've done for me, so I think this is kind of necessary. Just thought you should know -- anyone that has ever dealt with my shit willingly, anyone that takes time out of their day and pays me attention, anyone that reads this blog -- that I appreciate that. A lot.

I think to really suck in the benefits of everyday things, it's really necessary to appreciate everything you have. There are so many things we all take for granted, but once we think about how fortunate we all are, we begin to think about how there's so little we could possibly ask for. Everything we could ever wish for is right in front of us. We just have to open our eyes.

Much love,


oknataLi said...

i don't think it's cheesy
it's very nice of you, and really, i don't think ppl thank ppl enough
so you're amazingg

--bcg said...

how nice of you

you weren't at dodgeball today, you suck. we were pretty much demolished. but i'll still "thank you for being there" anyway. cause i know you were thinking of us. lol

Ankit said...

sorrryyy! i had an xcountry dinner to go to

Anonymous said...

hi, ily.
-miss elizabeth bennet

Ankit said...

who is this elizabeth bennet?
i hate aliases.

Anonymous said...

are you serious? i only told you how much i love pride and prejudice ugh

Ankit said...

OH lol hi